Nursing Homes

  • 20 Questions to Ask When Searching for a Nursing Home

    Your loved one’s health and happiness matter. That’s why choosing the right nursing home for them can be challenging. With many variables and items to consider, many people wonder where they should start. We understand and hope to make that process easier. Start the search strong. It makes a huge ...

  • Medicare Coverage Part A and Part B for a Skilled Nursing Facility Stay

    When determining the best Medicare Plan for your personal and financial needs, the length of your medical care stay is the most important consideration. Medicare Part A and Part B are practically identical in regard to benefits for skilled nursing care, except with Medicare Part B, the premium monthly fee covers the outpatient facility portion of private skilled nursing care. It is also important to keep in mind that none of the parts of Medicare cover the cost of long term care.

  • Reopening US Nursing Homes - What's The New Normal?

    What’s the "new normal?” The answer to that question lies mainly in the policies of your location. Depending on the reopening phase of the locality, not all facilities are open to visitors yet. CDC guidance is evident on the requirements for cautiously reopening while mitigating the spread of the novel coronavirus. The practices and policies discussed below were enacted at the coronavirus pandemic outset and will continue indefinitely.

  • Introduction to Skilled Nursing Care

    Skilled Nursing is a facility-based level of care paid for by Medicare (MC), Medicare Advantage programs, and Medicaid. A patient receiving skilled nursing care may be in a unit called the transitional care unit, or TCU, sub-acute, or step-down. Skilled services include management and evaluation of a patient’s care plan; ...

  • What Kind of Care is Provided by a Skilled Nursing Facility?

    A skilled nursing facility will provide care around the clock for your loved one. Safety issues and concerns are alleviated with the 24-hour care provided.