• The Purpose of CMS Nursing Home Ratings And How They Work

    CMS government star ratings are based on the general performance of facilities within each individual state. Comparing facilities to each other within each state helps to control variation among states that can result from different management practices, differences in state licensing laws, and differences in state Medicaid policies.

  • How to Keep Employees Motivated, Happy and Engaged at Your Nursing Home

    There are several ways to help keep employees working at your nursing home. The staff that runs your facility are essential and need to be retained. As an administrator, it is your job to think of ways to help keep the team and add more employees. Even though you are now in management, you know how hard it is for the nurses and staff to keep their floors running. You have probably been there and worked one of the jobs on the floor before being promoted. One of the biggest things administrators can do is express and show how much they are appreciated.