Alzheimers Disease Care

  • Alzheimer's Disease and Repetitive Behavior

    Alzheimer's is a brain disorder that causes issues with behavior, memory, and thinking. This brain disorder is prevalent and affects more than 3 million elderly people per year in the US. If you are a caregiver to someone who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, then you know just how debilitating ...

  • How to Handle a Combative Dementia Patient with Patience

    When caring for a loved one or a patient with dementia, one of the hardest duties to encounter is when they become combative. Of course, we understand this is just dementia and not really who they are, and we want to be as compassionate and caring as possible. Understanding dementia and symptoms help when dealing with different complexities.

  • The Top 8 Tips For Managing Dementia as a Caregiver

    Family members caring for a loved one with dementia will eventually become overwhelmed; it’s unavoidable. As the disease progresses, there will be more challenges to keep the person safe, nourished, and comfortable. What can you, as the primary caregiver do to help yourself and the person in your care? Reality ...

  • Adult Day Services (aka Adult Day Care)

    Adult day services, also referred to as adult care or adult day care, are programs designed to provide care and companionship for older adults during the day.