• Medicare Coverage Part A and Part B for a Skilled Nursing Facility Stay

    When determining the best Medicare Plan for your personal and financial needs, the length of your medical care stay is the most important consideration. Medicare Part A and Part B are practically identical in regard to benefits for skilled nursing care, except with Medicare Part B, the premium monthly fee covers the outpatient facility portion of private skilled nursing care. It is also important to keep in mind that none of the parts of Medicare cover the cost of long term care.

  • Staff to Resident Ratio in Nursing Homes

    Care provided in nursing homes is expensive. Even when the costs are covered by private insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare , long-term care facility costs for an older adult can come with a considerable price tag. So, when family members have to decide to place an older person into a nursing ...

  • Medicare vs Medicaid-Know the Difference

    Medicare vs Medicaid-Know the Difference explains the differences between the two types of insurance. Although it can confuse, the differences are vast.

  • Emergency Room Diversion for Senior Citizens

    Emergency room diversion can happen for many reasons. One of the main reasons a diversion takes place is because emergency rooms tend to fill up. If your local emergency room is full, then patients will be transported to the next accessible ER that has beds available. Emergency Room Diversion Policy ...