Long Term Care

  • How to Convince Someone to Go into a Nursing Home Gently

    There is never a time when someone wants to go live in a nursing home or to place a family member or loved one in this type of facility. An estimated one in four people over the age of 65 will spend time in a nursing facility, according to Linda ...

  • Types of Long Term Care Facilities

    There are many different types of long term care facilities. As we recover from a surgery or illness or age, there are situations in which we will need one of these facilities. Depending on the needs of the patient or resident, there will be various needs different facilities may provide ...

  • What Kind of Care is Provided by a Skilled Nursing Facility?

    A skilled nursing facility will provide care around the clock for your loved one. Safety issues and concerns are alleviated with the 24-hour care provided.

  • Nursing Homes

    A nursing home is a medical facility designed for patients who do not require hospital care, but who can not be cared for at home.