Aging In Place

  • A Guide to Senior Home Care: How to Make the Best Choice for Your Future

    Weighing your options for home care can get overwhelming pretty quickly. While most seniors prefer to age in place, they’re faced with the daunting task of modifying their home for greater accessibility or arranging round-the-clock care. On the other hand, seniors who decide to move into assisted living facilities have a lot to consider when choosing a place. Many seniors struggle with these important decisions, so here are some helpful things to consider as you weigh your options.

  • Levels of Care: Community Living

    For people who need help to remain in a least-restrictive environment, there are several options available. In many instances, care for chronic conditions happens in the patient’s home; however, for acute ailments, admission to a care facility may be warranted. For example, a persistent issue such as COPD may be ...

  • The Cost of Assisted Living by State

    When it comes time to investigate assisted living for yourself or a loved one, it is essential to know the cost of assisted living by state. The cost of assisted living can vary significantly from state to state, and knowing the rough cost will help you calculate the financial end ...

  • How to Move a Parent with Dementia to Assisted Living

    Unfortunately, for a majority of Americans, there will come a time when dementia takes hold, and thinking about putting your parent(s) into an assisted living facility arises. There may be little tasks around the house that your parent starts to forget. The real problem occurs when the person affected by ...

  • Assisted Living: A Complete Overview

    Assisted Living is explained along with the requirements. Residential options for elderly who are still active but need some daily help.