Trips and Outings for Residents

Living in a nursing home or an assisted living facility makes life easier and safer for senior citizens. But it can be isolating, especially if you never leave the facility or its grounds. Isolation is proven to cause depression and anxiety. Interaction with other human beings and getting outdoors lifts the mood and can revitalize the spirit. That’s why many facilities plan special trips and outings for their residents.

senior residents on a nursing home - assisted living outing trip to a museum

Outdoor Activities for Seniors

Possible trips and outings include:

  • Excursions to local museums- Many museums have discounted group rates. If wheelchairs are needed, it is best to call ahead to be sure there is access. In most cases, public buildings make accommodations for wheelchairs.
  • Sporting Events- Sporting events are a massive hit with seniors. Whether it is baseball, football, basketball, or any other sport, there is fun to be had. The great thing is that the visitors are sitting through the game, so there is no real physical exertion. Listening to the stories told by the seniors of their sports playing days is rewarding and fun for the staff and families.
  • Concerts- Concerts are a sure winner among seniors who love music. Many shows are put on outdoors in local parks and cost little or nothing.
  • Shows- Whether it is a play or another kind of show, the change is suitable for everyone involved.
  • Trip to a Casino- Trips to the casino can be anywhere from a couple of hours to a full-day event.
  • Local Restaurants- Visiting a local restaurant allows seniors to enjoy the food and socialize at the same time. The change of scenery is always a welcomed event.
  • Nature Walks- People of all ages can enjoy nature walks. Being out in nature has proven to lift the mood and reduce stress. There is nothing like fresh air and the sounds of nature when you are usually stuck indoors.
  • Local Park- Local parks offer so much to look at and enjoy. Whether it is a walk or just sitting on a bench, the change is welcomed and relaxing.
  • Shopping Trips- Shopping trips allow for residents to pick and purchase their products. Shopping trips are a social event, and the change of scenery is exhilarating. Pique their curiosity by looking at new products sold in the local retail stores.

After being indoors for an extended amount of time, it is not unusual for seniors to become depressed and lethargic. Like everybody else, getting out is essential even if it is only one day a week.

Outdoor offsite activities for seniors do not have to consume hours or even a full day. Often, a trip to a local store or going out to eat is more than enough. Seniors tend to tire quickly, and you do not want them to overdo it. For a more active lifestyle, they can attend exercise classes and plan trips to go bowling or on nature walks.

Outdoor activities for seniors of all ages and physical abilities are crucial. You can plan events for seniors who use wheelchairs to get around and have limited skills.

It can be challenging to find activities that appeal to residents with a wide variety of interests and abilities, but doing so is essential. Leisure activities help keep residents busy, fulfilled, and stimulated, and can help improve both their physical and mental health.

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