Thank You to our HealthCare Workers

Our team would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all the healthcare workers who are working tirelessly to provide care to all who need it.

skilled nursing facility healthcare staff

Healthcare is not only crucial, but we know you are putting others before yourselves amid a worldwide pandemic.

We are also very aware of the fact that while most of us are in quarantine, our healthcare workers are on the front lines separated from their loved ones.

assisted living facility healthcare worker helping elderly patient

There is no THANK YOU big enough. Know that we appreciate you!

Imagine all the people... —- In life, there are so many things that divide us. Religion, race, politics, social status and many more....But today a global pandemic brings us all together as one. —- Over the next few months our health care system will be tested. Many lives will be lost. Health care providers will be under an incredible amount of stress to save thousands of people. But when times are as dark as they are today, nothing shines brighter than the human spirit. —- There is something beautiful about a collective struggle. And the beauty in what we are facing today is that the only way to overcome this pandemic is for us to all come together as one.... —- Nurses, doctors, students, research scientists, politicians, Uber eats drivers, cashiers, factory workers etc.....Getting through this will be hard but one thing is certain...the only way we will get through it is together, as one —- — —- “You might say that I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. I hope some day that you will join us...and the world will live as one....” —- —- —- Full song on IGTV —- —- —- Thankful for my brother @w_a_robinson on the piano — 📸 @kpace1914 — — — Much love to all 7.53 billion people out there, Doctor Elvis —- #covid_19 #healthcareworkers #imagine

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