Nursing Home Virtual Tours are a Valuable Tool During the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

During this global pandemic, nursing home virtual tours are becoming an innovative marketing tool across the country. 

Why virtual tours? Whether you are an individual seeking a nursing home for a loved one or nursing home administrator, virtual tours are a tool that will benefit you during COVID-19.

senior couple viewing Nursing Home Virtual Tour - Marketing plan for COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic

Marketing Ideas for Nursing Homes

Virtual marketing digitally has become a powerful tool for many different types of businesses. Life expectancy in the United States is rising, and there is a need for assisted living and nursing homes now more than ever. You want to get your names out to the public, and virtual tours can be another facet to use for successful outreach. When marketing plans are drawn up or reviewed in nursing homes, virtual tours have become one of the most popular tools to entice new patients in this "new normal."

The budget of producing a nursing home virtual tour can vary depending on where the long-term care facility is located and the level of talent that is available to produce and deliver content. Assembling a virtual tour that can be served to the masses is quite an undertaking when done correctly. Whoever creates the virtual tour is up to the individual facility. Your staff can try to live-stream or hire a professional marketing company to get your message appropriately distributed.

If you're starting from scratch, take time to prepare so everything is in order before your tour begins. As the administrator, you will want to have a virtual tour that is both professional and welcoming to those who are viewing it.

Marketing Plan for a Skilled Nursing Facility

Nursing facilities are continually reviewing their marketing plans and trying new forms of advertising. Besides virtual tours, there is the use of social media, print advertising, and television. Each long-term care facility should test to see what type of advertising works the best. Marketing plans will change depending on what works and what does not.

Virtual Tours for Consumers

When consumers are researching the best nursing home options for themselves or a loved one, virtual tours give them an inside look. Of course, people want to see what the nursing home looks like and what the facility offers. Having the option to view a virtual tour gives the consumer time to look at the facility on their own time. Virtual tours allow the consumer the inside glimpse without having to visit the facility physically. Once the consumer has the list of nursing homes shortlisted, they can then plan physical tours.

If someone is searching for a skilled nursing facility for a loved one, using virtual tours allows them to take in the information and process what they see. Many questions and answers go into your final LTC decision, and a virtual tour adds complete information to help you make the best decision.

When researching the best long-term care facility, you will want to make sure that your loved one's needs will be met. Having the ability to share a virtual tour with your loved one will help put them at ease and make them part of the research. The elderly in need of long-term care or skilled nursing facility can be part of the process without physically visiting every facility.

Virtual tours are on the rise and should be added as a research tool to help you decide. Do not be afraid to use other forms of research, including directory review websites such as and state and government websites. 

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