Senior Care

Senior care, sometimes referred to as elder care, is a broad term used to describe many different types of specialized care designed to meet the needs of aging adults at various stages in their lives. It encompasses everything from adult day care and assisted living to nursing homes and hospice care.

In Home Senior Care Services

Senior care can take place in the home, both for medical and non-medical purposes. It can include companionship services, personal care, help with meals and nutrition, transportation services, basic medical care, and support with medication, and more. In-home elder care can be as brief as a few hours per week or as involved as 24-hour in-home care delivered by a specialized caregiver, or anywhere in between.

Senior care also can take place outside of the home. Adult day care, which offers care and companionship to older adults during typical business hours, is a form of senior care. So, too, are retirement communities, senior housing facilities, assisted living facilities, memory care units, and nursing homes.

Some forms of senior care are covered by insurance, while others must be paid for out of pocket. In general, as the hours and level of care increase, so, too, does the cost.

Senior Care Directory

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